Owen Egan

Owen Egan

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First Name * Owen
Last Name * Egan
Username * OwenEgan
Country * USA
City Orlando
Nationality United States / UK
Languages English



Website www.owenegan.co.nr


I am a 2D and 3D artist who uses The Adobe suite, Maya and Blender.

I have worked on newspapers and magazines in both the US and UK since 1989. I have designed advertisements for press in full color and monochrome. These range from single column ads to full color property and automotive double-page spreads.

I have also scanned photos for press and prepared digital photos for press. This includes substantial photo retouching which several times included removing building equipment from the front of soon-to-be-opened car dealerships!

My 3D stuff is more recent. I use mostly Blender,but I am learning Maya. I have produced 3D illustrations for several on-line contests including the annual Blender F1 Challenge. I have produced 3D illustrations for a series of posters for SanDisk's technical support center.

I have also produced a number of low-poly game models in my spare time. I produced props and two of the end-of-level bosses for the Duke Nukem High-Res project. I've also done a few models for other mods including a 'classic'caco-demon for Doom III.